About our MonumentalTribute.com website

MonumentalTribute.com is a Living Memorial for your Loved Ones
Cemeteries are more than just a sacred resting place these days. Bailey Monument Company has created technology to help you share your story. From obituary, to location of your final resting place, to family portraits, MonumentalTribute.com connects your family like never before through your personal webpage and a 24/7 presence on the web.

From anywhere in the world, you can reconnect with your loved ones and share your own stories of those who have gone before. Visit MonumentalTribute.com to find a loved one or to create a memorial that will stand for all time.

From anywhere in the world:

  • Pinpoint your loved one’s cemetery and resting place
  • Remember their life story
  • View their monument
  • Share your photographs and videos
  • Reveal the stories no one else knows

MonumentalTribute.com is there for you, always.