Getting Started

Welcome to our Administrators section of the website.

Who can add to a loved ones tribute?
Only Tribute Coordinators, will be able to allow anything to be added to a loved ones tribute. This will ensure that your loved one is honored and respected at all times.

How do you contact a Tribute Coordinator?
On every loved ones tribute page, there is a link to the Tribute Coordinators email address.

Simply click this link and email the information you want to be added.
This allows the Tribute Coordinators the opportunity to review and approve the content.

How does an Tribute Coordinators add information?
Tribute information can only be accepted via email, from the Tribute Coordinators to the Site AdministratorIt must contain the user name and password supplied to you by Bailey Monument Co. and without this, no further action will be taken by the Site Administrator. Email the text you want to add and up to 12 photographs. If you want to post something on the internet (video clip etc.), you may provide us the link and it will be included on your loved one’s tribute.

How to get information to the Site Administrator?
This is simple, the Site Administrators email link is right here:

Just click the link to email the tribute information. The tribute should be updated usually within 2 or 3 working days.